An Organic Conversation – Pt. 2 of 2

An Organic Conversation, Part 1 I ended my talk with these words: We want to be offered solutions but He offers HOPE instead. Hope goes beyond the skin-depth nature of solutions. Hope does not disappoint, despite our continuously changing circumstances. The vivacious woman who had strummed us into worship stepped into transparency and spoke first, “I’ve […]

An Organic Conversation! Pt. 1 of 2

We like answers. We need to make sense of things. We like tidy explanations, reasonable timelines and unlimited resources. We don’t like delays or inconvenience or disappointment. And if I can be candid, Western Christianity can be perceived as entitled, narcissistic and fickle. That’s the hard bit. The heart bit? God longs for us! He desires us–He […]

It’s Not a Character Defect or a Faith Deficit!

I hate–I know that’s a strong word–my battle with PTSD. I hate the way stress can jump out of the bushes while I’m happily strolling through life and trigger a storm that leaves me feeling hopeless. Helpless. And most of all, guilty. I recently tripped over a pile of life’s inevitable stressors and landed a five point face-plant.  I […]