Man Holding Pray Word In Palm

Also in the news: Twitter is considering adding more emoji.

Seriously? When I read that I shook my head at the absurdity of our humanity.

The world is on fire, ablaze with hate-filled hearts and flaming tongues.  Since Friday I have gobbled up countless posts and links and feeds on superabundant opinions regarding terrorism and ISIS and Syrian refugees and political posturing and humanitarianism and stereotyping and generalizing and, and, and….

Like you, I’ve witnessed the hostile polarizing of Americans, of Christians and of nations. I’ve listened as we all try to make sense of the evil unfolding in our world. Sadly, in the process of processing all of this, some of us are getting pretty ugly with our words and actions, not to mention forgetting our ambassadorship to the world–accurately representing the heart of God.

Like you, I’m looking for hope– Not in political posturing, but in Christ Alone.

Fear is rampant. Fear is infiltrating our souls and our conversations and overwhelming our nervous systems. Fear’s voice is being fueled by a hyperactive media and an angry population. I don’t, by any means, intend to imply that we should limit media coverage. The truth is, bad news has prime time in our thoughts and emotions. Good news has been crowded out by fear and frenzy. “Experts” rip each other apart on broadcasted panel discussions in search of solutions and someone to blame.

We can arm the horse for battle but victory is found in God alone.

I am definitely not qualified to debate foreign policy or discuss tactics to combat terrorism or contrive strategies of war or determine appropriate parameters of humanitarianism. I want to be informed and I want to participate. I want to cast a vote—thank God I still have that opportunity—in keeping with my convictions. I’m not naively saying that we can all just hug and get along.

We can’t bury out heads in the Sinai and sing Que Sera Sera. 

What happened in Paris is horrific. The terror in Syria is pandemic. Sex trafficking and drug cartels and political corruption and anything and everything that floods the news 24/7—its all too real and all to distressing. What do I know? I know that these raging battles originate in an unseen world. It isn’t an ideology that has declared terrorism and war.  The declarant is the one who stood in the face of Holy God himself and refused to forfeit glory. Satan.

Christians, this is our hour to shine, to literally shine!

This is our time to be the city set on a hill, the candle in the darkness. This is our opportunity to usher in illogical Peace, to offer unwavering Hope and to maintain a Joy source that is not influenced by circumstance. This is our time to reap souls, not just with our God words but by our God living!

Truthfully? I’m writing this for myself as much as for any one else. God has identified us as His own, we are to imitate Him in what we say and do but also in how we manifest Hope through our countenance and our conversations. 1 Peter 3:15 says:

“But set Christ apart as LORD in your hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.”

The world is trembling and though we are in it, we are not of it. The battle that rages in our midst is not against flesh and blood. It is against principalities and powers, against wickedness in high places! The victory is not in might or in power. Please, let’s not take our eyes off of what is really at stake here–the Souls of Men. 

Can we stop ISIS? Can we bring peace to the middle east? As a nation, can we absorb the care of all the world’s displaced, hurting and broken? Can we really cure appalling illnesses with our science and technology? Is our hope in military or political power? Is it pragmatic to expect peace on earth?

We are living in supremely unprecedented times. As Christians, we need to correspond with supremely unprecedented conviction and courage.

We can’t be carried away by the winds that blow. Can I just encourage us all to take up our part in response to the battles and atrocities in these dark days. Can we take our fear words to the foot of the cross and not to the keyboard? Can we encourage each other to pray and intercede rather than rally for causes and campaigns?

The Parisians need Jesus. The Syrians need Jesus. Jihad needs Jesus. Firstly, we need Jesus! As simplistic as that may sound, it’s rock solid un-substitutional truth. He is our refuge and our hope in time of trouble.

I pray that from His glorious, unlimited resources He will empower you with inner strength through His spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your heart as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.  Eph. 3:16-17

“Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.”  Eph. 4:29

While the wars wage on, let’s imitate Kind David and inquire of the LORD–let’s make our contribution firstly on our knees. Pray for leaders, pray for intelligence, but for God’s sake, pray for souls!

And pray that we will recognize the harvest before us and give eternal hope to the eternally hopeless.

I'm a Jesus-follower. I write about that journey and the ways He steps into the middle of my beautifully broken life to reveal His love. I want my words to please God, encourage faith and inspire hope.

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