I’m Fightin’ Mad!

Grace Grips

battleisreal(photo credit)

Clothe me in a robe and give me some temple tables to overturn! Let me hear the clatter of satan’s currency as it falls to the ground in dust to be trampled underfoot. Allow me to watch evil and all of its subtle manifestations scatter as I [s h o u t] Victory’s name:JESUS!

I’m usually not this militant.

But I should be!

My tendency to neglect armoring up and walking in the authority of King Jesus is one of thereasons I recently found myself slouched in bloody and lifeless defeat sucking on a canister of futility. It was a subtle ambush too. It’s not like I woke up one morning and said, “Gee. I think I’m going to give up;on messy relationships, on messy ministry and most of all on messy me.”

Ihave this hunchthat Satan has a tailor-made lie for each one of us–it’s his

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